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Hi, I'm Rabiya!

New York | New Delhi

I am Rabiya, a graphic designer from India and a recent graduate from School of Visual Arts, NYC.


I am passionate about creating expressive visual content that transcends convention. For me, the creative process is a journey and an adventure, and the final output is the culmination of this exploration. I work with diverse techniques and attitudes, some rooted in my culture, to bring a unifying approach to design, where individual styles, “isms”, or the medium become secondary to the overall process.

Besides design, I enjoy traveling, playing the piano, watching the newest shows, or obsessing over all the cute dogs in my building.

Recognition & Awards:

Young Ones ADC 2023

Young Ones TDC 2023

SVA Spring Show 2021, 2023

Silas Rhodes Scholarship

Henry Wolf Scholarship

GPA High Term Honors

Top Percentile, SVA Portfolio 2021, 2022

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